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Never marry a girl who has these habits

Never marry a girl who has these habits

Being in a relationship is the most beautiful moment of life. When you know your girlfriend loves you more than anything in this world then you will be thinking. How lucky I am to have such a beautiful heart to fall for me. There are certain alarming situations that you can miss in those beautiful moments without pointing out. Never marry a girl who has these habits

The alarming situation is mostly missed by the new people who fall in a relationship for the first time, they think that it is their first time and they are having a never-ending relationship because the girl is perfect. You never pay attention to the bad parts always focussed on good parts, For time being its good but you need to spot out those red flags just to not face all those heartbroken situations.
When such a relationship goes on, you need to do many compromises even sometimes surrender your self-respect just to make her happy and all you get is her irritating behavior.
You need to stand for yourself differentiate and spot out all the alarming situations, minor flaws are acceptable but weird personality is not good for long term relationship, It will tear you up into pieces.
Here comes the question how will you identify between the minor flaws and terrible personality? I have listed down a few signs to help you out in such a situation

1. When She is with you You don’t feel happy

All the happiness of you has gone now from the day, she comes into your life. The relationship is all about happiness and laughing and you are having the opposite situation. You start hating your life. Don’t take interest in the things which you used to love to do before getting into the relationship. Maybe your girlfriend is not the source of your happiness but she should not restrict you from happiness either.

2. She is not consistent in the relationship

Her inconsistent behavior makes you realize she is not in love with you. Sometimes she acts happy and good to be with you and sometimes she felt irritated to see you. Her kindness, calmness and caring behavior are not consistent.

3. Your Bestfriend spot the red Flags in your girlfriend

The best friend is one who knows what is good for you and what is not. If you are getting into relationship then your best friend can think critically about your relationship better than you. Do not ignore your best friend’s advice. Take it in a serious note

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  • She takes all of your time

If you are not able to do the work which you love to do before, like spending time with your best friend, family and other things and she doesn’t understand what you like and what you not then, she doesn’t care about your choice.
She is always behind time

  •  She doesn’t give importance to your time.

Whenever you try to go on a date she cancels at the last minute or makes you wait for long hours. She doesn’t care for your time all she wants to do is what she likes no matter what situation you have to go through.

4. She is not attentive to you

She always criticizes your valuable thoughts and opinions. You don’t feel safe expressing your opinions in front of her. She doesn’t listen to you. don’t pay attention to what you like and what you not.

5. She wants you to change for her

She doesn’t like the way you are. She is not accepting your natural personality and wants you to adopt a fake personality for her desires.
Her criticism is always on your personality. You feel very cautious to act or talk in front of her

6. She doesn’t appreciate your Efforts

Appreciation is the most important factor to keep the relationship alive. If she is not appreciating you when you make efforts to make her happy, then she doesn’t care about you. The gifts and surprise date you give her and in return, all she does is formal thanks and no happiness on her face is a red flag in your relationship.


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