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How to know if he wants a serious relationship

he just wants to have short-term fun. Read on for  How to know if he wants a serious relationship
In the start of a relationship, we all wonder whether it is going to last and how long. Honestly, it is often difficult to figure out how much that person likes us and how much they are willing to invest in the relationship. However, the following 16 signs will help you find out whether he is looking for something serious or he just wants to have short-term fun. Read on for  How to know if he wants a serious relationship

1. Transparency

Honesty is an essential part of every relationship. If he truly loves you, he will always be honest and open when communicating with you. If he tries to avoid such a conversation don’t waste your time with him.

2. Depth

Men who are interested in a serious relationship will always try to find out more about their partners. He will never get tired of talking with you and will always be eager to learn more about who you are.

3. Exclusiveness

If his intentions are serious he will make it clear to you how he sees your relationship. He will never make you feel uncertain or doubtful and will want your relationship to be exclusive.

4. He keeps his promises

If a man loves you, he will always care about your feelings and will never hurt you by breaking his promises. If he is unable to do something he will not lead you on in order to avoid disappointing you with false promises. he is looking for something serious or he just wants to have short-term fun. Read on for  How to know if he wants a serious relationship

5. You are his priority

If he is in love with you and cares about your feelings, he will always make you his priority. He values you enough to put you in a position higher than most others, sometimes even the highest.

6. Actions speak for his thoughts

He does not only say how he feels about you, but he also tries to show you whenever possible. When a man is sincere about his feelings you will figure them out by his actions that will express what he thinks.

7. Stability

Men who are looking for a serious relationship are mature people who seek stability in their lives, including their relationships. If he is already stable in other aspects of his life, he will definitely show you what he plans for the two of you.

8. Being respectful

He loves you enough to respect all of your thoughts and opinions on things even if he disagrees with you. He will also consider your perspective because he values your opinion.

9. Friends and family

A good partner will never forbid you from hanging out with your friends or family members because he loves you and wants you to have an outside circle. He will also try to get to know them and spend time with them.

10. Cares about his self-image

He cares about what other people think about him, especially those people you are close with. READ MORE : How To Move On After A Breakup When You are Still in love

11. Future plans

When making plans about the future, he always includes you. His plans are motivated and concrete and he does not only speak about them, but he actually intends to fulfil them.

12. He is happy if you are happy

If he truly loves you, he wants you to be just as happy as he is. He will try to make your day if you are feeling down because if you are not happy, he will never be.

13. Keeps you informed

If he makes a certain plan, he will always let you know. He will not make decisions without talking with you first no matter how trivial or major they are.

14. Makes time for you

A sincere partner will love spending time with you as much as they can, whenever they can. He appreciates every minute he gets to be with you.

15. Knows his limits

If your partner respects you, he also respects your limits and boundaries. We all have our boundaries and he is mature enough to know not to cross yours.

16. Explicit

If he really wants to be with you, he will not be able to hide it for too long. It can even become so obvious that you will figure it out yourself. Now that you know all the subtle signs that show a man is in love, we hope we have helped you figure out whether your partner is the right one for you.

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