7 Signs A Cheater Will Always Cheat

7 Signs A Cheater Will Always Cheat

5. If you remain on high alert and cannot get back to a trusting place

Trust your gut, advises Alyson Jones, who says, “Your gut may be telling you something is off. If your partner is continuing to hide information and refuses to be open with you, they most likely have something to hide.” 

6. If your partner continues to flirt with others and seek external validation

Cheating can mean physical or emotional infidelity, and in either case, this can lead to irreparable fractures in your relationship. When try ing to move past such a serious betrayal, it’s imperative that your partner make every effort to make you feel secure in the relationship and work to regain your trust. Alyson Jones identifies behaviours contrary to this, such as “continuing to flirt with others and always looking for external validation” as a clear sign that they are either still cheating, or open to doing so in the future.

7. If your partner continues to overprotective of their technology

Everyone is entitled to their privacy, however, Alyson Jones warns, “If your partner continues to be overprotective of their technology and unwilling to share their communications with you, this may indicate they have something to hide.”
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