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Things guys secretly love but won’t tell you

Things guys secretly love but won't tell you
The last article I wrote made me want to show my fellow men some attention too. While this page isn’t biased, it sometimes seems that way because both me and Z are sensitive guys, we are both in happy relationships, and sometimes it seems like all we care about are the ladies on our page, that’s not true. Things guys secretly love but won’t tell you Men are different, men are strong, men are often quiet about their feelings because it’s just not in their nature, men tend to expect a certain amount of things from their partners, and they don’t want to ask for those things because they think it’s pretty obvious. Some of these might seem majorly obvious, but necessary.

Here are nine things guys want but won’t ask for.

1. They want respect

This is one of the pillars of every successful relationship. All men desire connection from their partners; I do too. I consider myself very lucky because I never had to ask for it, it’s an unfortunate place to be in if you have to ask for respect from your significant other. What does it mean to respect a guy? It’s effortless. Men need acknowledgment. Acknowledgment of their success, their positivities, and their endeavors. Let me talk about myself; I’m successful in life because of the support I get from people, because of the acceptance and the feeling of love I understand that no matter what decision I make, I’ll always have people who will be proud of my accomplishments. My girlfriend is a blessing to me because she respects me for who I am, and she NEVER lets a day go by without reassuring me of my life. She respects me in front of my friends even more. It means the world to me to know that the love of my life truly respects me for everything I am. It’s not that hard, ladies. Make him smile.

2. Pure admiration

Admiration and respect go hand in hand with one another. Your man wants nothing more from you than your appreciation in whatever he does for the two of you. The point here is “TRUE” admiration; you can’t be fake about it. Guys can very quickly sense false respect, and they may or may not tell you to stop faking it. Just be right about it, admire him for everything he does, for all the hard work he puts in for the two of you, and he’ll be pleased more than ever. Trust me, it works. She admires me for everything I am, and I do the same in return, no fake admiration whatsoever. Complete happiness isn’t that hard to achieve.

3. Your companionship

Companionship is vital, most men expect you to be there, and they don’t think they need to ask you (I’m the same in this case). When I have something important, like a massive business launch or a significant event, I always want her by my side, and it needs to happen naturally, so I never ask her, but she still shows up on her own. This true companionship is vital. If you have to ask your lady to be with you when it’s essential for you, you’re just taking the purity out of it; she NEEDS to be there on her own. So ladies, give him the companionship he desires from you, and you’ll get the same or more from him in return.
All men want and love help. I’m going to talk about myself here; I find nothing more empowering than her support and the way she encourages me to keep striving for the best. It’s said that behind every successful man there’s a woman, it’s genuine and the same goes for me. I work hard because she encourages me never to stop believing in myself, she makes me realize my strengths, and she makes my weaknesses seem nonexistent. Ladies believe in your man, encourage him and support him with everything you have, you’ll find yourself in a better place with him. READ MORE : How To Move On After A Breakup When You are Still in love

5. True appreciation

Things guys secretly love but won't tell you
Men adore appreciation when it comes to the heart. It’s not too hard to do either, all you have to do is thank him or smile when he does something for you when he goes out of his way to make you happy when he puts in that extra effort to make sure you’re smiling. Appreciating even the smallest of acts is something you can do to make him happy about his actions. When people are underappreciated, they slowly stop putting an effort out for you because they feel empty inside. Don’t let that happen to him and appreciate everything he does for you. You will notice him doing even more for you when he sees you appreciate his efforts because I do the same.

6. His “guy time.”

Things guys secretly love but won't tell you
Guys don’t ask for personal space, because it’s not something that’s out of the ordinary or shocking. As long as your guy is hanging with his buddies, you should understand that he doesn’t love you any less by doing that. All guys have a code; my friends support my relationship because my girlfriend is extremely cool with all of them, when I hang out with my boys, she never asks me twice. That sort of independence also creates a whole new bond of trust that doesn’t just develop that easily; it tells the guy that his girlfriend/wife trusts him without any doubts. Give him his “guy time,” ladies.

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