Reasons To Stay out of FriendZone With Your Ex

Reasons To Stay out of FriendZone With Your Ex

The word ‘Friend’ refers to a person who is closer to you and with whom you liked to spend time. The word ‘Boyfriend’ refers to a person who is the most important person for you and you can spend your whole life with him. How can you change the importance of such a person? There are two options i.e You have to walk away from the relationship or you can continue with the relationship. There is no middle point like a friendzone.

If you want to stay with your ex, It means you still love him and you don’t want to lose him. If you have such feelings just don’t place him in the friendzone and accept him as a life partner.

The other reason to make him a friend is to get your ex back and I think you should not do it. Else, they will feel like they still have you in the shape of the friend zone and doesn’t need to come in a relationship. They will get the easiest way to breakup


  • Consequences Of Being A Friend With Your Ex


People believe, After a breakup, when they want to establish the circle of friendzone they don’t want to lose someone who is meant to them. The strong emotional bond between them makes them addicted to staying with their former love irrespective of relationship status.

They want their ex closer because the feelings and intimate bond they have for their partner is not compromisable. They have ended up the relationship but both can still feel deeply the comfort and fondness to each other.

You have memories that are what forces you to stay in the friend zone. The fear of losing him completely will not allow you to come out of the friend zone.


  • It will Make Your Life More Worse


It is better to forget about your ex and move on. The idea to make friends zone with your ex will worsen your life. Your past memories makes your friendzone stronger and you may want to patch up with your ex.

You will always have engagements in your past memories and you will not be able to find someone better than him. This will restrict you from going into long term relationships. Whenever you try to look at someone for a long term relationship your friendzone will make a comparison between the new one and the ex. This is the most dangerous sign for your future. You will not think out of your box.

Your addiction to your ex will become stronger. Although it is good to be connected to the people about whom you thought they meant to be with you. Now the scenario is changed. Those feelings have gone now. It’s time to give birth to new feelings.


  • Move On And Get Over With It


If you can’t move on and stuck in the circle of friends you will be going to engage with him for the long term and never lookout for better options.
As I have mentioned, there is no middle option in love and breakup. You have to move on and choose the better option. The memories of your previous relationship always knocking your mind, entertaining you with the thoughts of your ex and giving you false hopes

If you want to go back to your ex, Go ahead do it but don’t put yourself in the middle place. If You want to give a second chance then you are making it more difficult to get over it. If your compromises are going to retain the relationship then they would have done in it in the first place.

The best way is to move on and wait for the better option. You need to fill your previous wounds to give a fresh start to your new relationship. You are brave and smart enough to choose what is right for you.

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