If He Does These 13 Things Over Text, He Totally Wants You

If He Does These 13 Things Over Text, He Totally Wants You

How many of these hints have you received?

1. He gives you compliments.

He’s always ready to tell you how pretty you looked today or that your smile is enough to light up a million skies. He’s not afraid of letting you know that you’re beautiful and that there are plenty of things about you that he finds attractive.

2. He sends you topless selfies.

A man would never send topless selfies to a girl he doesn’t really like. It’s just as simple as that. He’s letting you know that he’s really interested in you whenever he sends you a topless selfie.

3. He makes an effort to start conversations.

He doesn’t wait for you to text first because he wants you to know that he’s the one who’s very interested in you. He isn’t afraid of letting his intentions known to you and so he will do whatever it takes to grab your attention.

4. He makes an effort to keep your conversations flowing.

Not only does he make an effort to initiate conversations, he will also try his absolute best to keep the conversations going for as long as possible. He loves talking to you and he adores the fact that you’re also taking the time to converse with him. Even when you feel like the conversation is dying, he’s going to try to pick things up and bring in new conversation topics.

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