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How to Tell If Someone Doesn’t Care About You

How to Tell If Someone Doesn't Care About You

Am I being played in this relationship? You might wonder if you’ve placed your love and faith into someone who actually has no genuine feelings for you in return. While some girls might take this as just being insecure about loving someone and letting a guy into their lives, if you suspect that your guy is into someone else, then he is most likely a player. Look for these ten signs that suggest that you are being played and should get out of that relationship as soon as possible. How to Tell If Someone Doesn’t Care About You

How to Tell If Someone Doesn’t Care About You 12 Signs

1. He doesn’t want you to be with him in public

A guy who truly has your heart wants to flaunt you and sees you as his most important person in the world. He wants to make you feel loved and appreciated by him and the other people he cares about like his close friends and family. Whether it be swooping in for a kiss on the streets, or holding hands while watching a movie with a bunch of friends, these public displays of affection are signs of a guy proud of who he’s with. If he’s looking to take you places where he isn’t well known or avoids taking you to meet his parents or attend family gatherings, this is a sign of being played. The fear of being recognized by someone who knows their other girl could bring on unwanted confrontations that he doesn’t want publicized.

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2. He Barely Texts or Calls you

Even when you’re not together, you should want to be able to talk nonstop whether it be through flirty texts or midnight FaceTime conversations. Just the sound of your voice or reading your messages should break his face into a smile or make his heart race. If your man is slow to respond, makes excuses for his absence, or doesn’t make the first move to initiate a quick call or text suggests that he has someone else he is investing time in. There’s a definite difference in the way guys talk to their girlfriends over the phone or text with every relationship, but you’re in the wrong one if your man doesn’t step up and send the first text.

3. He doesn’t share his Past or Feelings with You

It’s one of social stigmas for a man to avoid sharing his feelings, but when it comes to being open and honest about his past, this is something worth telling the person who cares about you the most. A relationship is a two way street; both sides of a couple shouldn’t feel ashamed in sharing about their childhood or their past. This is a sign of trust and encourages fidelity in a partnership. If he doesn’t open up to you or tries to brush it off with sweet talk, this is more likely to be a player. How to Tell If Someone Doesn’t Care About You

4. He Bails on You All the Time

When you love someone and he genuinely loves you back, partnership and companionship are your top priorities. Every time life gets in the way, he should be the one apologizing and promising that it will never happen again. He should be the one who begs for you to come over and will always take the time to go out with you. When someone bails on you countless times, there is definitely something wrong in this equation. If there’s also that same excuse coming back around again and again, this is definitely a sign that you are with a player.

5. Your Feelings Don’t Matter

Men don’t like to talk about feelings; that’s fine but he should always be careful and considerate of how you feel. As his number one girl, he should be the one who takes the first step to reconciliation or brings your flowers to say he’s sorry. When you feel down, he should be the one who asks if you’re okay and if you want to talk about it, even if he may not understand exactly what you’re going through. Sometimes, it’s not about if he understands your emotions or not, but when you’re with someone who genuinely wants to be with you, they should take the time to listen and care for you. Any of those guys who nod their heads and give the occasional “mhm” are showing false understanding or sympathy. They don’t care about how you feel and will often just go back to doing what they did before. Your heart should be there’s and deserves to be treasured. How to Tell If Someone Doesn’t Care About You

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6. He has Many Female friends

Friendships are important, there’s no questioning that. Guys being friends with girls is important just like girls should not be penalized for having male friends while dating. The overall idea is that when hanging out with these friends, either your partner should be there with you, or you could each be having fun with your own group of friends at the same time. Spending time with friends is healthy, but spending time with your significant other should make having fun come easily to you. Going on double dates is a fun way for both you, your partner, and your friends to all be able to catch up on things and just have a good time as couples. When your man has too many female friends and spends time texting or talking with them, you have every right to be suspicious. This can be a definite signal that you are being played.

7. He has Beauty Standards

This accounts for complaining about your looks and appearance when you’re around. A guy who treats his girl right will always tell her she is the most beautiful thing in the world. Going with the all natural no makeup look should be something you feel comfortable with, not dressing up to impress him and get his approval. If he complains about your appearance, he is shallow and is most likely with you for your looks. When this is the case, you should not hesitate to end the relationship. No amount of makeup will save a couple who grows old together. Being with someone who makes you feel happy inside and out is the best feeling in the world.

8. He Hides his Phone from you

Cute couples always know each other’s passwords, share each other’s things, and are open about what they’re doing on their phone. If a guy tends to act funny or avoids showing you his phone, this could be a sign that he is cheating or playing you. The most damaging part is when they get defensive about it or call you nosy and avoid talking about it. When this happens, he is more likely to be the cheater, not you.

9. His Old Life is a Mystery

One of the most important things before committing to a long term relationship is having clear expectations and knowledge about who they are as a person. Even if he may not have the best record, guys who are honest about their past life have most likely changed or want to change for you. Those who lie about their past will definitely carry on these bad habits as you get further into your relationship. Avoid a heartbreak later in life and ask him about his past; if he is reluctant to answer or has an inconsistent story, he is most likely playing you.

10. He wants to get Physical too Quickly

Intimacy is important in a relationship, but if he cares more about the bed than you, this is an issue for the future. Taking is slow is one of the best ways to ensure a longer, happier relationship for your later years together as a couple. Don’t waste the moments when you’re young and focus on building a relationship that is built from honesty, trust, and loyalty. A man who is in it for the physical part of a relationship is flaky and will end it as soon as he is done playing with you. Take care of yourself and your fragility as a human and don’t depend on someone who only wants to give you physical pleasure

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