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How do you know when a man stops loving you

How do you know when a man stops loving you
A relationship is so engaging and the most beautiful thing to have. The couple wants to love passionately without having fear of losing it. The feelings are not going to be constant for a longer period. Nothing is for infinite time in this world and love is definitely for a shorter period. This happens in most of the relationships. The reason behind this is, that a lot of girls have felt that their love is real but the reality is different. How do you know when a man stops loving you? You think that you have an angel in the shape of a partner but this is how you feel about him. You ignore all his bad doings because all you want is positive actions of him in your mind. You love him passionately you don’t think about a person other than him. Does he think the same way about you or not? 6 signs we have gathered by which you can audit your man for a better future. If these signs are present in your man then you need to walk away as soon as possible. READ MORE : how to know your partner is cheating on you

1. His Appreciations Turns Into Criticism

When you are in a new relationship he loves to spend time with you, he loves your smile, he loves the way you talk and he loves everything in you. Now as the relationship grows old he doesn’t take interest in you.
In the early days When you say him “I think I’m not feeling well today. He replied: You can rest today I’m going to cook for both of us” Now, “I think I’m not feeling well He replied: I told you to visit a doctor”
He starts criticism on you. In the early days, he used to compliment and appreciate you but now you face his criticism. How do you know when a man stops loving you

2. Mismatch In Future Plan

When you have different plans for the future. It means your relationship’s future is uncertain. You both are thinking in different ways. Its time to change your ways forever. When you have a different plan one of you has to compromise for the other one. This is where conflicts will occur and the relationship bond will be collapsed. The best way is to walk away at the right time. How do you know when a man stops loving you

3. Don’t Hesitate To Lie

He is not going to be an honest one. Honesty comes from true feelings of love. If he continuously lies to you then he is up for something. Sometimes you may lie to him and he does so. But if the practice is continuing then there is a red flag. You need to take rapid action to check his honesty. Honesty is the best practice for a healthy and long term relationship.

4. He Doesn’t Talk About New Things

Communication is the most important key to keep a relationship alive. When he doesn’t take interest in the communication anymore between two of you and replies rudely it means, he is no more interested in you. He finds you boring now. If the communication gaps are increasing then you need to take a stand.

5. You Both Have Different Opinion About Kids

When the couple talks about kids. It means they are looking for forever relationships. If he doesn’t like to take interest in such a thing it means he is not interested in making long term relationships. If you both have a different opinion about kids then this is also not a good sign

6. He Avoids Arguments

The most active couples are those who have arguments. Arguments make your love bond stronger and keep it alive. If he avoids discussion he is simply passing his time. The complex conversation is the sign of an active couple. Do not miss to check it in your relationship.

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