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9 signs you may be stuck in a relationship

9 signs you may be stuck in a relationship

When you committed to a long term relationship, it is hard to walk away from a clinging relationship even after realizing it is the time to walk away. As the relationship goes on you are soo much addicted to each other that you can’t imagine your life without each other. In the end, you have to walk away. This is the rule of our society even if both are meant to be each other. 9 signs you may be stuck in a relationship

There are 10 signs which indicate you to end the relationship and walk away.

1. Arguments and Conflicts are increasing Day by day

We all are human beings. Sees the world from a different perspective, But continuous arguments is not a good sign. Either you both are not understanding each other or don’t want to understand. An increase in conflicts affects your mental health makes your emotions vulnerable and increases the stress in your day to day life. If you are having continuously the same argument, again and again, it means your mutual understanding is not good.

2. Your relationship is not meeting with your expectations and standard

When you come into relation you have some expectations. If you feel that you are far from your expectations and you can’t achieve what you want from the relationship then there is a red flag. We all set standards before coming into a relationship and no one wants to compromise their standards. Not meeting your expectations is acceptable but compromise on your standard is not.

3. You both try to walk away but things keep you together

If your relationship is not learning from its mistakes then that shows a lack of effort from both sides. One of you make a promise, then broke it. Others get angry and the one will again make a promise, again broke it. This is how the circle continues by making the same mistake over and over.

4. You can’t find a way to take your relationship on the lost track

Almost all relationships have ups and downs. If you don’t know how to deal with them and can’t find a way to fix them then this is the time to walk away. This happened when preference is given to Ego rather than compromising. Usually, couples know how to retain their promises and get rid of problems. If you are not one of them and can’t find the right track then the relationship is in danger.

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5. Every time you need to compromise

Compromise is necessary for a relationship. When compromises are made from either one side then, then conflicts will occur and this will create problems in the relationship. Fill your life with stress and disturbance of mental health force you to draw back from the relationship.

6. You can’t see the future of the relationship

Even after making compromises you can’t see the future of this relationship, The goal of you and your partner’s about this relationship is differed to each other and can’t be achievable together then you are leading to a dead end.

7. You both facing difficulties to achieve your goals because of the relationship

If you both are facing difficulties in developing yourself and feeling hard to achieve your goals then it is the time to quit. You are not acting like a good human being because of the stress and struggle that you are facing because of the relationship. The mental stress and the pain, you are going through will not let you achieve the short term and long term goals of your life.

8. Lack of Appreciation from your partner

Your partner doesn’t need to appreciate you for everything. If he also skips to appreciate you when you deserve then he is just simply ignoring you. Appreciation keeps you closer and provides a fresh breath to the relationship. In the absence of Validation and appreciation, your partner is not paying attention to you.

9. You are being abused

Whenever he gets angry he doesn’t feel embarrassed to abuse you. He doesn’t respect. Even if you put all of your efforts to save the relationship but still he abuses you. This is the most dangerous sign. You need to back off from such a relationship as soon as possible without having a second thought.

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