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9 Relationship Advice tha He Wants More Than Just S3x



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Our relationship almost based on mobile texts in relationship we do fight, love, and fun texting, so this is most important to know the intention of your partner. Is he really love or just with me for sex. In this article we will discuss the 9 valuable things he text which proves he wants more than sex. 9 Relationship Advice

Take the scenario of you casually engaging in sexual relations with a guy. Of course, there is some chemistry there, but you’re not entirely sure if you can elevate your relationship to something beyond sexual encounters. You also don’t want to put yourself in the position of having to ask where you are in the relationship. Fortunately for you, if you text often, then there are subtle hints and signs that you can heed to know if he’s really interested in you or not. If he’s sending you these kinds of text messages, then he probably wants something more than just sex.

1. Boring texts whole Day

let understand first what are boring texts? boring texts is which you  have no interest on it but your boyfriends sent you whole day. He  talk about the new book he’s reading and the groceries he’s picking up from the store, then he’s opening himself up to you. If he only wanted sex, he’d stick to talking about sex. Mundane conversations are actually a positive thing. Also read :33 Cute Love Quotes for Him

2. Just Random texts.

If he’s constantly making an effort to initiate conversations with you even when he’s not asking for sex, then that’s a good sign that he’s very much interested in you. There would be no point in trying to talk to you about random topics of conversation if all he wanted from you was a night in the sack together.

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