8 Signs That You Still Missed Your First Love

8 Signs That You Still Missed Your First Love

“First Love” is the first experience of falling for someone. First love exposes you to the love world. It may not work out, but the feelings will always remain in your heart. First love doesn’t need to be last forever, but the experiences you have will give you the most Beautiful memories.


The hard part comes when you need to break up with your first love. No matter what situation you have how hard you love each other, After some time you have to break up and that is how the love cycle works.

So here are 8 signs If you have them then it means you still missed your first love.

1. You Still Feel Him

You still miss him & have feelings for him. There is an unremovable emotional attachment that you have for him. He was the person who teaches you how it feels to fall for someone for the first time. No matter with whom you are going to engage in a relationship, but you still have his place in your heart.


2. You Still Want To Communicate With Him

You like the conversation between you and him. You still want to tell him the whole day story like you use to do before. Whenever you get a chance to meet him you like to talk very openly with him. You don’t want to hide anything from him.


3. Her Presence Makes You Comfortable

The relationship thing is now over, but whenever you see him near you you feel comfortable. You feel the same security as you used to feel before the breakup. You can show the real you and you don’t need to act fake in front of him.


4. You want Reasons to Stay with Him

As you both have moved on, but still, you want him near you the whole life. The love you have for him is still alive in you. You always look for reasons to meet him and to spend time with him. This is the sign that you haven’t removed him completely from your life.


5. When You Are in New Relationship You Think About Him

After sometime when you have a new relationship, You still think about him rather than your new lover. Whenever you spend time with your new partner, your mind keeps doing a comparison between the new and older one and always highlight you the positive point of your first love.


6. You Always think That You meant to be Each other

Even after the breakup, you think a lot that you both meant to be each other. When you have him in your life, maybe you did not feel his importance. Now, he has gone from your life and you are realizing that he was the true heir of your heart and you both could have made the best couple. Now the time has gone, there is no point in giving rise to such thoughts.


7. The Connection Between Two of You is Unbreakable

The connection and feelings you both have for each other are unbreakable. No matter how much your partner loves you, You can’t ignore the person who gives you the definition of love. First love is unforgettable and you always have a connection with him at every stage of life.

8. If  There Is a Chance Go Back To Him

Final Thoughts: If all of the above signs present in you, then you should go back to your first love. If there is a chance to patch up then you should do it. Maybe a little compromise needed, but if that Lil compromise can give your life back to you, then it is worthy to do it. If you don’t have a chance to go back, then you should focus on your current partner and try to forget him as much as you can.

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